Academics programme

Evergreen uses the Learnwell series of textbooks from Holyfaith Publications. The curriculum followed prepares students to move on to either State or the CBSE syllabus when they join other schools after completing 4th grade.

Subjects taught in different grades are as follows:

LKG and UKG – English, Malayalam, Maths, General Knowledge

1st and 2nd Std – English, Malayalam, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Computer

3rd and 4th Std – English, Malayalam, Hindi, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Computer

The academic year runs from June to March. Two mid-term tests are conducted for the 1st to 4th std students in July and October. The term exams are conducted for all the students in August and December. A final exam for the year is conducted in March.

morning circle & value of the month program

We start our day with 30 mins of Morning Circle every day. The circle time includes yoga asanas, rhymes, Sanskrit slokas, devotional songs, kiirtan chanting, meditation and sharing of stories based on the value of the month. This joyful transition from the home to the school environment sets up the children for a happy, productive day at the school.

The 10 ethical values of Yama and Niyama (from Ashtanga Yoga) form the basis of the Value of the Month programme at Evergreen. We focus on one ethical value each month and songs and stories based on these values are shared during the circle time.

June: Sathya - Benevolent Truthfulness

July: Ahimsa - Non-harming

August: Asteya – Non-stealing

September: Aparigraha – Simple living

October: Bramhacharya – Thinking about the divine

November: Shaocha – Cleanliness

December: Santosha – Contentment

January: Tapah – Sacrifice, self-less service

February: Svadhyaya – Good company and uplifting stories

March: Ishvara Pranidhana – Taking shelter of the divine

festivals and special days

Festivals and special day celebration bring a lot of joy to the whole school community. The influence of pseudo-culture that is stemming from too much influence of media and movies on the little minds is a major concern for us as educators. The progressive value system and the spiritual culture play a very important role in our lives, but these have been eroding from the minds of the young generation. Evergreen takes special effort to have our events and celebrations as learning opportunities for children to get inspired about the tradional spiritual culture and value system.

The major events and festivals that we celebrate are:
Onam Festival, Sports Day, Arts Competition, Children’s Day, Science Exhibition, Annual Cultural Programme, Educational Tours

Apart from these, some of the special occasions that we celebrate are Independence Day, Republic Day, World Environmental Day, World Yoga Day, Diipavali - the festival of lights, Sharing day

CO-curricular programme

Bala Samaj – Personality development program. Bala Samaj classes are held once a week. All the children come prepared to present a song, poem, dance or story of their choice in front of their class or sometimes in front of larger gathering of multiple classes. Teachers give lot of encouragement as well as feedback to the children on improving their presentation skills. This is a great opportunity for all the children to work on reducing their shyness and open up their personality from a very young age.

Spoken English classes are held once a week. Age-appropriate material is introduced in each class and special focus is given on conversational English to be used in different daily usage situations. Importance is given for proper pronunciation and correct grammatical usage.

Art and Craft, Yoga classes, Sports and Games, Dance and Music classes, Reading program and Library book system are all part of our immersive co-curricular programme.