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Evergreen school is located in a quiet neighborhood called Vengali, about 8 KM from the heart of Kozhikode city in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. The school opened in 2006 and is run under the aegis of Neo-Humanist Education Charitable Trust. We started with 18 children in our Lower Kindergarten Program in the first year (2006) and currently have a total of 130 children in our rolls. The classes go from Play School to 4th grade.

The school aims to impart ‘true’ holistic education at an affordable cost to the families who live in the area. Children are our most precious resource and that by providing them with a holistic base for life we can help bring about a bright, more enlightened future. Our strong focus on academics through the grades prepare children to get a head-start when they move on to upper-primary classes. What sets our school really apart is our immersive co-curricular program that lays huge emphasis on giving children a strong spiritual and moral foundation along with a well-focussed personality development program. The ancient wisdom of the sages is expertly integrated with the curriculum in the form of meditation, yoga asanas, Sanskrit slokas, moral stories, songs and service opportunities.

The quiet, village like setting provide the perfect ambiance for the educational experience. The teacher-student ratio of 1:25 or less ensures ample personal attention for every child. The school’s most valued resource is our hand-picked, loving and caring teachers with vast professional experience.

We welcome you to explore this website to learn more about our school, and visit us when you are in the area.

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Evergreen English Medium School
Near Karamvalli Temple, Kandamkulam
Kozhikode, Kerala - 673 303